A Short Story (again)

(Somehow, during editing of this post… it was deleted!  So here it is, again.)

For the past month or more I have been a beta tester for a website that focuses on writing.  All though I can not discuss anymore than that, I wanted to share with you a writing challenge that the community managers put out there for the beta testers.  (By the way: if you would like to join, send me an email. I have a code that I can pass on to you.) 

The challenger was to describe in 500 words or less “What happens when an item of value is found to be replaced.” This is my version.

Nearly Lost

“Yes my dear, I will have it ready for you when you arrive.” The kind elderly lady told Iris over the phone.

Iris hung up the phone and started dancing around the room.  After five long months of searching every donation store, antique shop, flea market, and yard sale in the whole tri-county area; it was finally going to be back in the rightful owners possession.

Iris knew every inch of the hand carved wooden horse.  Her father had carved it himself and presented it as a simple little, just because, gift.  Out of all of the items in Iris’s toy box the one she treasured most was that little horse. 

At first look the horse is solid.  At further and much closer inspection you discover that there is a button under the front left hoof.  Pressing the button opens up the belly of the horse and revels a small compartment for hiding really small treasures.  As a child, Iris would hide a little trinkets, then Iris became an adult and hid one more thing inside the little horse until the time was right.

“What’s all this about?” James, Iris’s husband asked as he walked into the room.

Iris ran over to James stood on her toes giving him a kiss on the nose.  “I found it!  The horse!”

James laughed at his wife of twenty years.  “What horse?”

Rolling her eyes and dropping her shoulders, Iris explained once again.  “Remember when we were redecorating the house?  I had packed everything away in boxes, some were for donation, some were to keep and put back in place once the project was done.”

James nodded his head, acknowledging the project and such as he headed towards the coffee maker.

“Well, do you remember how upset I was when I discovered that the hand carved horse had been replaced with a glazed white ceramic horse?”  Iris stated.

“Yes, I seem to recall something about that.”  James replied.  How could he not?  Iris reminded him on a monthly if not weekly basis.  She never told him why she was so upset about it but he knew that from then on all the moving of anything out of the house was up to her.

“I finally found it!”  Iris exclaimed as she grabbed her keys and headed for the door.  “I’m going to pick it up now!”  Iris ran out the door, jumped into her car, and sped off.

-Hour Later-

“James, I’m back!  Grab your things we’re going to Cleveland!”  Iris announced as she packed a light lunch for the two to eat on the way.

“Why are we going to Cleveland?”

“Because honey, when you win that big of a jackpot they want you to claim it at the head office.”  Iris proudly announced.

“What?”  James shifted nervously, wondering where his wife was going with this.

Iris pulled a piece of paper from the hidden compartment showing her husband.  “One hundred million dollars!  James, we won the Powerball!”

Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely a coincidence.


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