White Lies Chapter 2 Sneak Peak

As the editing and such continues on White Lies, I am fairly confident in the finality of this chapter sneak peak. Remember, this is not the absolute final edition; that will happen with the book release as the final read may (and often does) uncover typos and such.  Wait!  Before you continue click here if you missed Chapter One.


White LiesChapter 2

June Young, Mia’s Mom had been going to a fertility clinic where she met Janie’s Mom, Jane Rider who worked there as a receptionist.  After talking for a while they exchanged numbers.
The difficult months ahead drew them closer. Jane became a trusted confidant to June.  Each month would begin with so much hope only for nothing to happen in the end.  Mia’s parents were out of money and beginning to think they would never become parents.  Luckily, the final procedure worked.

Jane was visiting June and her new baby Mia just hours old at the hospital when Jane herself went into labor.  Twelve hours after Mia, Janie was born.  The big birthday years were always shared together; one, five, ten, sixteen.  Turning eighteen is the threshold into adulthood.  At twenty-one it’s a no questions about it you’re an adult.  To celebrate Mia and Janie’s parents planned a big party.

“Happy Birthday!”  Mia and Janie’s families sang out in unison when the guests of honor walked in.  The Young’s house thankfully is big enough to accommodate the four parents, eight grandparents, numerous cousins, and friends.

Mia and Janie were handed three beautifully wrapped boxes.  “You must open them in order.”  Instructed Jane Rider, Janie’s Mom.  The girls looked at the tags and seen the numbers beside their names.  Eagerly the first gift was ripped into, a gift card for a new outfit from their favorite store, Rags.  Number two held another gift card this is for a hair and makeup styling.  All eyes stayed on the two friends as they tore into the final gift.

A wooden box beautifully hand crafted with white pearl inlay that formed a star.  Inside the box was lined in pink and green satin.  Almost in unison they removed the tissue paper hiding the contents.  Tears welled up in Mia’s eyes.  Janie screamed ecstatically.  There inside the simple yet beautiful trinket box lay VIP tickets for a meet and greet, concert and backstage passes to their favorite band. The two looked at each other, held up the tickets, and screamed.

“OH MY GOD! ‘Rebel Rein’!  No way!”  Janie jumped up from her seat and ran to hug her parents.

“Are you kidding me?  Thank you!”  With tears of joy streaming down her face Mia too hurried to hug her parents.

“Everyone here pitched in to buy the tickets.”  June told the girls who struggled to contain their excitement to listen.  “The concert is in two days.  You have just enough time to get your outfits and go get glammed up for your big night.”


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Just a Thought

I have never before been on such a self doubting roller coaster, as when I decided to write with the goal of self publishing.
I ran across this quote picture. It doesn’t stop the doubt but it helps.

Sort of sums it all up and takes me back down to why I’m doing this in the first place. I love to create. Plain and simple.
Enjoy your weekend and keep being creative.

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